Less really can be more. Here, the experts share their tips and tactics for downsizing without stepping down.

The proliferation of home buying and renovating shows on TV proves I'm not alone in my obsession with seeing how other people live, renovate and decorate at different stages of their lives – just married, expecting babies, up- sizing, adding in-law suites, eventually downsizing.

Helping my 80-some- thing parents recently move from their 5,000 square foot home of 30 years to a 500-plus square foot apartment was beyond downsizing – more like miniaturizing. I should have spoken to the Property Brothers first for useful solutions to the challenges we all face when moving, both esthetically and practically. And knowing that 85 per cent of us want to age in place, we need to know what to look for so that dream, too, can become reality.

You've probably seen identical twin brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott on Property Brothers on the W Network or HGTV, in which they help couples at different times of their lives and with disparate budgets buy fixer-uppers with the help of Drew, the real estate agent, then work with Jonathan as their contractor to make that house their dream home. The success of the series has spawned two more shows – Buying & Selling and Brother vs. Brother.

Who better to help with the challenges faced by those downsizing – especially when they are helping their parents do that very thing right now?

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