Future Visions

Plan ahead when buying your new home. "Think about future mobility restrictions," Jonathan says. "There should be few or no stairs, no high cupboards. Minimize the chores and maintenance. But remember you're down- sizing, not stepping down. Get a house with character but don't make it too nice – the kids will want to come back!"

But maybe you want your new home to retain its role as the hub of the family, the place your grandkids want to visit. One solution is a detached two-storey with a walkout from the basement at the back. "The lower level can be great for the grandkids," Drew enthuses, "a spe- cial place just for them." Other overnight guests will welcome an apartment of their own.

Even if you can't offer a separate lower-level apartment to your grandkids and visitors, keep your living space flexible. The room you usually use for painting and your partner for geneology research can double as a room for overnighters.

And don't forget technology – "It's easy to set up wireless surroundings," says Jonathan. "Have a gaming station, room for laptops. Even two-year-olds have games and tablets."

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