The second most important person in any wedding celebration is the mother-of-the-bride. Naturally, she must be suitably dressed for the occasion which calls for her to be an image of elegance, dignity but also of quiet authority.

While she is often found in the wings as bride and her maids take centre stage, enter a banquet hall and chances are, you'll be able to pick out the mother-of-the-bride. Her attire is of such importance - ranking right up there after wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses - most bridal retailers have cultivated an entire category dedicated to mom.

However, over the years, the MOB category has solidify into a certain fashion image - one that has come to mean matronly and perhaps a bit too stately with the dress-and-matching-jacket combo. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with that look - if that's what you're looking for - perhaps it's time to consider alternatives that suits your style and the celebration.

While most brides and their planners might stand their ground on rules and regulations regarding dress attire on the wedding day, the mother-of-the-bride should be allowed to adhere to her own personal style sensibilities, but with a nod to the central theme of the wedding. If it's a destination wedding and held on a beach, obviously, she should not be swanning down a sandy path in a ball gown.

Here are a few style pointers to consider when helping mom select her outfit for the Big Day.

Regardless if there are 1001 staff on hand to help out on the wedding day, the mother-of-the-bride is always on the ready to roll up her sleeves and help out should an emergency arise. Her comfort level should be taken into account in her dress selection. Will she be on her feet all day, will there be much running around and is she in a single outfit that has to take her from church to photo session to banquet hall dinner and party? If that is the scenario, the less fussy the outfit, chances are, she will look fresh, calm and composed.

Is she prone to fluctuating body temperatures? Perhaps, a jacket or shawl, should be part of her outfit. The bride and her planners should share any colour schemes, decor details or pictures of the venue with her so she can visualize how she may look in the surroundings.

And unlike the bride or even the bridesmaids, why should her outfit be fit just for one day? And perhaps this is one of the most over-looked details when choosing a MOB outfit, but there is no reason why the mother-of-the-bride attire should not be worn again and again at a variety of functions.

With this in mind, we round up a few selections suitable for a wide variety of summer weddings celebrations and beyond. But while they might be targeted at the number two lady of the Big Day, these outfits can also work for wedding guests.

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