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Even with the headaches of modern travel — long security lines, confusing carry-on regulations and overbooked flights just to name a few — there’s nothing like travel to inspire a certain sense of wonder and romance.

Count the ways you can stir your romantic spirit with these top world-wide romantic destinations.

Big Sur, California. Land, sea and sky meet to create a dazzling spectacle of natural beauty. Drive the ninety miles of awe-inspiring coastline between Carmel and San Simeon and it will be love at first sight all over again.

Savannah, Georgia. This historical city is known for its mysterious spirits and specters, charming town squares, elegant antebellum mansions and eccentric local residents. Take a romantic tour of this designated National Historic Landmark via horse-drawn carriage.

Lake District. You’ll be enchanted by the mirrored lakes, ancient forests and ice-capped mountains of Argentina’s Lake District in Northwest Patagonia. Outdoor enthusiasts can take in white-water rafting, hiking, fishing or birding. And to light up your artistic spirit, visit the town of Bariloche, a mecca for musicians and artists. (Cautionary note: local legend holds that once you’ve breathed the air, it’s impossible to leave.)

Vieques Island, Puerto Rico. This small island offers beautiful, remote beaches and nature trails, without a casino, golf course or shopping mall in sight! You’ll be captivated by the bioluminescent lagoon at Puerto Mosquito. Take a night-time paddle in the bay and millions of microscopic organisms with light up with an ethereal bluish glow. Pure magic.

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