From John Wayne to Yul Brynner, we round up the hottest cowboys to come out of Hollywood.

As a little girl I gravitated to western movies because of the horses, nevermind that I'd cry every time one of the horses fell or got "shot."

Then, around puberty, something else caught my eye; cowboys. And there were lots of them. The overt masculinity of the loner, the outlaw, the maverick, the gunslinger, is still the stuff of fantasy for millions of men (who want to be one) and women (who want to love one). Case in point—all it takes is one glance at Kevin Bacon donning cowboy hat and boots, sitting astride a horse for the protagonist in I Love Dick to leave her husband and pursue Dick as her muse.

Suffice to say this hero of American mythology never disappoints, from the complex darkness of antihero Ethan Edwards in the best western movie of all time, The Searchers, to the squinting, poncho-wearing gunslinger Blondie in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly to the dying and regretful Lee Hayden in the newly-released The Hero.

In these three examples the actors who embody these roles—John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and Sam Elliott respectively—spent their careers playing variations on a theme of the cowboy archetype. Indeed, while Eastwood appears to have stepped back from appearing in front of the camera, his stature as the classic American hero no doubt stands him in good stead as he works behind the camera, even his choice of subject matter tends to surround similar male heroics—American Sniper, Sully. But let's cast aside any intellectualizing of the cowboy and take a more carnal approach.

Here, the 10 sexiest movie cowboys, in no particular order...

Lets start with John Wayne from The Searchers. Wayne was perhaps the most iconic cowboy of western moviedom, no matter which film he starred in.

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