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His Symptoms The prostate enlarges with age, obstructing urine flow in 65 per cent of men over 50. Symptoms like frequency, urgency, incontinence and infections can interfere with sex and self-confidence. Prostate enlargement and erectile dysfunction also appear to be interlinked, so if ED becomes an issue have it checked ASAP.

The Solution Treat the prostate symptoms. "Often, if we can improve the voiding function with medication, we can also improve the erections." says Barkin.

Her Symptoms Women, too, may have some urinary incontinence as they age, often related to weakened bladder or pelvic floor muscles, sometimes caused by pregnancy, childbirth and menopause—and for both men and women, a lack of physical activity, obesity or, well, just plain aging can be the culprit. Like men, women may worry about leakage at the wrong time or that the skin carries an odour. "It can affect your desire," notes Wolfman. Plus your skin can get sore if you're washing too frequently or wearing absorbent pads all day long.

The Solution There are also products you can insert vaginally, like Uresta and Poise Impressa, that block urine leakage, but may deflate spontaneity. Both must be removed before intercourse. Depending on the cause, physiotherapy to strengthen your pelvic floor might help, but it's important to pinpoint with your health-care pro what's causing it before treatment.

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