William Shatner turns 86 today! Here, read Ken Hegan's interview of the actor, "Shatner Rules," which appeared in the November  2011 issue of Zoomer.

The living legend is still at the helm of his own personal Starship. In a new book, he shares the secret to his universe.

I have met the man in person and these facts will blow your mind:

—William Shatner is now 80 years old.

—He has more energy than two 40-year-olds on a Red Bull and Viagra binge.

This MONTH alone, Bill Shatner is:

Releasing a new record and touring North America with his one-man show. The subject matter is top secret, but I'll give you two hints: (1) Shatner is the man in the show, and (2) he'll be reading funny excerpts from his new book entitled Shatner Rules, a new memoir and audio book that he co-wrote with a comedy writer from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Officially titled Shatner Rules: Your Key to Understanding the Shatnerverse and the World At Large, this fun and inspiring book marks a major milestone for our hero Bill.  Sure, he's written-co-written three Star Trek memoirs, a series of Star Trek novels and bleak, hardboiled TekWar novels featuring ex-cop turned detective Jake Cardigan, who sounds like a guy who solves futuristic crimes while perched on a couch with his favourite pipe.

But Shatner Rules is a significant turning point in his career. Rather than writing obscure sci-fi or quipping about ancient battles with space beasts and Styrofoam boulders, Shatner is now passing on his accumulated real-life wisdom. He's officially an octogenarian this year so his book reveals four major rules for turning 80. Shatner Rule #3, for example, says, "You're 80. Say what's on your mind." So he does, and his primer teaches all of us how to be vital and engaged at any age, if you simply study his 29 rules.

I met with Bill at his production office on Ventura Boulevard in Studio City. Though he's one of the three most famous people in North America (I rank him right behind Oprah and Freddy Flintstone), his office is surprisingly modest. Shadows from the noirish window louvres fall on a foot massager on the floor, a souvenir coffee cup from The Hour With George Stroumboulopoulos and faded posters from his old films. It's a beat-down office that you'd expect to be inhabited by an ex-cop-turned-futuristic detective. From his office window, you can see a strip mall across the street that has a Subway sandwich shop and a wig store. I'm sure these are just coincidences.

I'm here for one reason only: I want to learn how Shatner's rules can make me a better, longer-living man. Now, I'd read somewhere that Shatner could sometimes be a wanker (his grudge-wielding Trek co-star George Takei kept saying it over and over), so my shields are up, and my defensiveness is set to stun. I mean, I don't care if you are Canada's most famous export, sir, life is short, and I have zero time for jerks. But within seconds of shaking his hand, I found Bill to be an avuncular, whimsical and insightful man who loves to learn from you and share while he does it. Sure, his captain's chair sits a full two inches higher than mine (I measured before he arrived), but he's William Shatner and why the hell not.

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