Believe it or not, these iconic musical numbers weren't as effortless as they appeared on film.

When it comes to creating high-octane musical moments, there has to be something special that really makes them stand out.

What would Tom Cruise's Risky Business dance look like without the socks and with the pants? Or West Side Story without its famous finger-snapping opening number? Or Dirty Dancing without that dramatic over-the-head lift?

However, these precise details – all of which add so much to the finished product – weren't pulled together without a little adversity.

Here, seven beloved musical numbers – and the fascinating stories behind their creations.

1. The Sound of Music (1965)

Shooting one of the most famous opening scenes of all time wasn't as easy as the final product might suggest.

Rain and high-altitude winds made it difficult to film anything usable for the majority of the week-long shoot. It wasn't until the sun came out for a sparse 20 minutes on the final day of shooting that the scene all came together. Although, for star Julie Andrews, the struggle was just beginning.

"Every time the helicopter [filming the sequence] circled around me the down draft just flattened me into the grass," Andrews told Mental Floss. "And I mean flattened. It was fine for a couple of takes, but after that you begin to get just a little bit angry … And I really tried. I mean, I braced myself, I thought, 'It's not going to get me this time.' And every single time, I bit the dust."

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