Lanterns and architecture collide in Jiufen, Taiwan

There's something about Taiwan. One of them is the unforgettable views.

But, it might also be the island culture. It might be the Chinese heritage, mixed perfectly with a Japanese aesthetic. It might just be the people. All of these things combine to create a unique country, modern and at the same time steeped in history; fun-loving yet reverent of ancient traditions and beliefs.

This island formerly known as Formosa, features temples to the deities, gods and religions, from Buddhism to Taoism to Confucianism, from folk shrines to grand temples, which are a bustling hot spot for those who believe that making a prayer can help their cause. Taoism, the "homegrown" Chinese religion and philosophy, has given the Taiwanese their most popular and revered deity, Matsu, the goddess of the sea.

Of course, the Taiwanese also welcome Christian, Muslim, Hindu and more into their way of life. And that's the thing about Taiwan. A way of like that is almost self-sustained. The island is beaches and the bounty of the ocean; mountains and the waters that spring from them; and the land, where everything is grown, and eaten in season, from rice to coffee to vegetables and fruits.

But it was the views from the many strategic perches we visited that captivated our attention. Temple roof tops, vast deep blue seascapes, the city of Taipei and beyond, gave us a sense of place and beauty.

Click through below for an island-wide trip of some of the best views of Taiwan.

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