Linda Morand (64)
As a model in the 1960s, being compared to Jackie Kennedy was a great compliment. Perusing the portfolio of mod model Linda Morand, it's easy to see the comparison but it's also striking how modern and relevant that look remains today — the short fringe, chin-length bob and false eyelashes not to mention that the '60s fashions smack of current trends.

Now 64 and living in Manhattan, Morand, who retired from the business in 1975 to have her family, has become the archivist for the era: she is the creator of the fashion model archival website and Morand says she began the project after a search on Google turned up nothing. “And I thought that's terrible. What about all these girls who were Revlon girls and on Vogue covers and all that,” she explains. “So I put up a website for myself [], and people started writing to me asking, 'Could you put up pictures of me, pictures of my mother or my favourite model?' Now we have 25,000 images.” While Morand doesn't own the images, she does own the archive, which put her in a good position when a producer approached with an idea to do a television special — a supermodels hall of fame. “It will be a two-hour special, where we'll honour these girls, like Cheryl Tiegs and Twiggy and the really famous ones.”

Always an entrepreneur — she ran a modelling school in the 1980s — Morand is also writing a book called A Walk Through Fashion History, illustrated by Gregg Nystrom, an artist famous for his work in paper dolls. “It's going to be my story of how I started,” she explains. “I was this little model and then I met Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton and Cheryl Tiegs. There will be drawings of these girls wearing the clothes.”

Graceful and elegant, Morand is the picture-perfect example of growing old with style. But she admits that she has found aging a challenge; she battles it with good diet and exercise, including facial exercises that were popular in the '50s, which she's hoping to bring back into vogue with a book or DVD in the near future. Of course, like many beautiful women of a certain age, she says the key to being content later in life is attitude and some regular beauty maintenance. “When you get to be in your 60s — this is something I would say to the younger Zoomers — your attitude changes,” she says. “Now, I look at these girls who are 70, and they still look fabulous. Aging is an attitude. And I am very, very much for that the older women should still be attractive. I did let my hair go grey and I was invisible. I'm a big flirt and I like to look [at men but noticed] they were not looking back. And it's funny, just a few blond highlights in the grey parts and I became 10 years younger.” Shirt, Nada, $255

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