Here, 8 common scams to watch for, plus tips to stay a step ahead of the crooks.

From fake online product reviews and Facebook friend requests from people looking to get you to download malware onto your computer to tried-and-true offline scams, it pays to stay ahead of the scammers.

Here, common scams and what you can do to protect yourself.




Medical Alert Scam

Promising a free medical alert system, this telemarketing scam targets older adults and their care partners.

How it works: People are told that a friend or family member has paid for a health  monitoring service, but in order to verify their identity, they need to supply bank or credit card information. The result? The victims' credit cards are hit with a monthly service fee (which is often difficult to get refunded). Also – no surprise! – the medical alert system never arrives.

How to avoid it: As always, be extremely wary of free offers that require personal information up front and always check to confirm a "gift" with the supposed friend or family member the caller says paid for it.

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