Want the scoop from other travellers? Since its founding more than a decade ago, TripAdvisor has become the go-to website for reviews on hotels, vacation rentals, vacation packages, attractions and restaurants. The app offers the same useful information in a simpler interface, but also ups the ante with a "Near Me Now" feature to discover places wherever you happen to be.

Requirements: The app is available for the usual suspects: iPhone, iPad, Android, Nokia and Windows 7. While TripAdvisor adds Palm to the mix, Blackberry users will have to rely on the mobile website instead.

Cost: Free.

XE Currency App
Wondering how much that hotel deal or fabulous souvenir will really cost you? Most of us don't have current currency exchanges in our heads or want to tackle mental math in the middle of an airport or market. While popular currency website now has a mobile currency website, its XE Currency App is getting rave reviews from travellers for its ease of use

While the app is surprisingly robust -- it lets you track up to 10 currencies and view historic charts for over 180 currencies worldwide, for instance -- the real boon for travellers is the Universal Currency Converter. Simply punch in the price of the item and local currency and it will convert it to the currency of your choice -- like Euros to Canadian dollars.

Requirements: Available for iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7.

Cost:  Free.

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Packing Pro
Not sure what to toss in the suitcase -- especially if you're the one packing for the family? Packing Pro lets you plug in the details of your trip such as destination, date, activities, washing preferences, food preparation needs and how many adults and children are travelling. The result? A handy checklist that you can customize as needed. The catalog feature also gives you a to-do list to help with the pre-trip prep.

Worried about losing your data? You can export it to Microsoft Excel or Google Docs for backup and editing, as well as transfer it between your devices.

Requirements: Sorry, this one's only available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad with iOS 3.0 or later.

Cost: $3.49. A less-robust version of the app, simply called "Packing", is available for just $.99. If you decide to upgrade later, you can bring your data over.

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