The Bone&Bowl Owner Betsy Cooper's pup Archie.

More and more pets are becoming a key part of the family, going where the family goes – including family vacations! But where do we begin when it comes to planning a trip to include a pet? Vancouver's The Bone&Bowl shop owner Betsy Cooper recently made the trek from Toronto to Vancouver and has gathered all the tips you need to include your furry best friend on your next adventure.

Do Your Research
Travelling with your pet requires a lot of planning. Before you go anywhere, do your research. What sort of paperwork do you need for your pet if you're crossing a border (up-to-date vet records, etc)? Are there pet-friendly hotels or accommodations along the way? Do you need to make a reservation or can you just walk in? Are there any local dog parks to take your dog to get some exercise while you're in town? Get online and find these things out before you go anywhere to ensure a smooth ride. Try websites like

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