Regular exercise is the best thing we can do for ourselves. Here are 14 rules to actively live by.

Regular exercise equals longevity. It's not rocket science but it has been scientifically proven.

According to Donald M. Vickery, MD, author of Live Young, Think Young, Be Young … At Any Age, "We need to become more aware of how sedentary we have become and how that is affecting us." Adaptation to disuse is relentless, he adds. "It undermines our stamina and strength, and it makes us feel stiff and sluggish. Our body is designed to be active every day; we feel better when we are active."

And the simple rewards of it all. Vickery goes on to explain, "When we use our muscles or exercise our heart and lungs or stretch, it feels so good afterward. It is simply the best thing we can do for ourselves." So think active, says the good doctor.

Rules to Live By: Becoming More Active

1. A little goes a long way.


This is one of the most overlooked rules for reversing physical disuse. Every little bit of movement helps. Moderation is really the key because it can become a habit. Adaptations occur daily – so the key is being active daily. Just walking a little more, stretching a little, doing a few push-ups for upper body strength and doing some knee bends for lower body strength can make such a difference.

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