Here, five top superfoods for a healthy, healing start to the New Year. Plus, a tasty recipe to get you started!

After all the revelry's over it's time to pay the piper, as they say. For most of us, the holidays are synonymous with indulgence. Lots of eating. Too much drinking. (And lots of fun, hopefully.)

But after they're over how do we begin to get back on track?

"I think in the New Year we need to focus on cleaning up after all that fun," says Julie Daniluk, a registered nutritionist, health educator and best-selling author.

"That's why I've picked these foods in particular. They're cleansing, easy to digest and they really will help you get back in shape. And that weight you put on over Christmas and New Years may never come off again if you're not careful, so we also want to balance weight issues with the need to detoxify."

Click through for five of Julie's top superfoods for a healthy, healing start to 2017.

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