These 5 foods are loaded with nutritional value.

This is a fantastic time of year to eat. Locally-grown food is so plentiful right now it's hard to know what to enjoy first. Farmers' markets are overflowing with fruits and vegetables, creating a visual wonderland of colour and texture.

Julie Daniluk, a Toronto-based registered nutritionist, health educator, writer and TV personality, knows what lies beneath those colours and textures. Here are her top five picks for superfoods of the harvest – foods that pack extraordinary nutritional value.


1) Swiss chard: "Greens are coming in fast and furious and they're the backbone of the anti-inflammatory foods," she says. "Swiss chard is a beautiful, delicate green that comes in a rainbow of colours" (with yellow, red, purple or white stems). Julie says they're all high in B vitamins, as well as magnesium, which reduces headaches, helps you better manage stress, and reduces asthma and hot flashes.

Swiss chard is also a rich source of Vitamin K, which "helps reduce the messengers of inflammation." Unlike kale, she adds, Swiss chard is safe for people who have hyperthyroid issues. To top it off, it contains powerful antioxidants and reduces the bad kind of cholesterol – plus it's versatile.

"Anywhere you'd use spinach, you can use Swiss chard."

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