Sixty Four and No More Lies

A GoodSide Productions Fringe show

Written and Performed by Susan Freedman

Directed by Rondel Reynoldson Sound Design by Alexander Brendan Ferguson

No hell as a wife, in trouble as a mother, forever dieting and – wait
– is that a chest pain? Susan Freedman brings more laughs about therapy, family
and facing the truth in the 3rd of her popular comedies about growing older… and
growing up. ” Sixty Four and No More Lies is a follow-up to her
one-woman shows Sixty with More Lies About My Weight (Montreal Fringe
’03) and Fifty Seven and Still Lying About My Weight. It opens
June 13th at the Geordie Space, as part of the 2008 Montreal Fringe Festival.

All three shows have been hits at Fringe Festivals from 1999 to 2007. Reflecting
on that, Susan says: “So many of our pleasures and pains are shared. My
audiences see themselves in my shows… and laugh when they do. If you’re
getting a bit creaky, you’ve got plenty of company!”

Reviews for “Sixty Four and No More Lies”

” Hilarious show… engaging story”

– The Georgia Straight

“Subtle humour… touching performance”

– Uptown Magazine

“Full of laughs and definite truths… a must-see”

– Calgary ACTS

“Wry humour we’ve come to know and love”

– The Vancouver Courier

**** “Clearly connects with her audience… a solid bet”

– CBC Manitoba

Geordie Space, 4001 Berri, Venue 3

Tickets $9 & $2 service charge = $11

Fri, June 13, 6pm

Sun, June 15, 4:30pm

Mon, June 16, 8:15pm

Wed, June 18, 11pm

Thurs, June 19, 8pm

Sat, June 21, 5:45pm

Sun, June 22, 3:15pm

Box Office & Hotline 514.849.FEST

Susan’s website:

Photo © Susan Freedman