Lillie’s, NYC

So you’ve been feeling a bit guilty lately, we understand. You have tried to limit your spending, attempted to become a closet drinker, and by goly you just want to live a little. You’ve wined and dined at the Nobu, enjoying exquisite cuisine, but continue to be under satisfied with the less-than usual proportions. I suppose even the restaurant supply has been marginalized. What about a Victorian pub? Why not take your soul back to the good days, where cozy comfort and classic homespun food dominated the scene. I feel your reluctance, it’s so 1870, I get it, but still there is something angelic about quaint pubs. Grandma and 20-somethings will appreciate the newest aristocratic Irish retreat, Lillie’s, located in Union Square.

A brief history should ensue. You know you care about the history of New York’s latest hot spot, right? Fine I won’t tell you that the name is based on Lillie Langrty, whom was a bit a of a Lohan in her day. It may not be the most chic eatery on the block, but you can rest assure the sass attributed to the Victorian restaurant will be enough to get you through the night. Picture a bevy of gold-casted pillars, vintage furniture and royal red accents. The 18th century is alive an well, and the colonial-designed restaurant suits both the afternoon sips and late night dinner dashes.

You can expect the traditional Irish-American cuisine, complete with hearty sandwiches and burgers, Irish Stew and pan fried everything. For truly authentic Irish fare guests should choose the eleven dollar Bangers and Mash plate.

Available to 4 am, the bar menu offers everything from pork stickers(fragrant chive and pork) to Grilled Ham and Cheese, which are exactly what you feel like in the dark hours of the night. Brunch is such a novelty these days, at least mouth-worthy brunch. For ten dollars guests can enjoy a full Irish breakfast, which includes fried eggs, black and white pudding, potatoes, fried tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon, sausages and toast (get ready for an artery clog). Why not wash the sodium down with a Bloody Mary or nice pint of Smithwicks? Geez, it’s high noon already.

The marble wooden enclave, with gold-spun chandeliers and eye-gawking crystallized centerpieces are only part of Lillie’s charm, the other being cheap convenience.

Lillie’s has only been up and running for less than a week, so get on the bandwagon before the Irish takeover, they can tend to get rowdy. Open seven days a week, it may be time you welcome Lillie into your life.

Address: 13 E. 17th St., New York, NY
Contact: 212-337-1970
Cuisine: Pub Fare
Area: Union Square
Venue: Restaurant, Pub
Hours: Daily: 11AM to 4AM
Price Range: $$ (Affordable)
Payment: Master Card, Visa, American Express
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