MBCO Rosedale, Toronto

Last week the Five Thieves were given a run for their money, not because a masked robber came into the businesses to case the notorious uptown joints, but rather because MBCO Rosedale, finally opened its long anticipated doors. With a no fried food policy, MBCO — the Montreal-based, quickly growing franchise, scheduled to land in Dubai, Chicago, Milwaukee and Vancouver — is not only positioning itself as a fast food alternative, the fresh shop is also an alternative to paying uptown prices.

But fancy ladies when you hear affordable, try not to turn your noses up too quickly. The café, managed by hospitality aficionado, Sybil Walker, who has worked in the industry for years, including an epic stint as the jazz manager at the the Senator and the Academy of Spherical Arts, is nothing to sneeze at. Boasting a whitewashed shabby chic look, the floor to ceiling windowed cafe is full of natural light, exposed brick, marble countertops, and appropriately accessorized by fresh fruits. MBCO also has a lovely communal table in the back of the deep, narrow space.

Say what you will about this Rosedale, quick-food establishment, you can’t argue the fact that its glass-front refrigerator, teeming with delectable sandwiches, parfaits, and pastries is tempting enough to make a neighborhood jogger stop by for a quick energy boost. Speaking of energy boosts the menu, which does not exceed the $15 price point, ranges from a classic three-cheese omelet (Don’t worry new moms, it comes in egg whites too), to a double smoked salmon salad with caviar, to a shrimp and lobster quesadilla, to an open faced, pan seared sushi tuna club sandwich with oyster mushrooms, baby spinach and wasabi aioli – not bad for a McDonalds substitute.

Come summer, the patio which doubles the Toronto restaurant’s 40 person capacity, will be bustling with Rosedale Diners sipping on MBCO’s selection of wine and beer, petting their dogs and munching on any number of culinary creations. If you’re a complainer, don’t get your hopes up; the service is quick.

Speaking of those who like expedient service, MBCO is scheduled to hit up Forest Hill soon. Also, keep your eyes open for a shop by the lakefront. MBO will keep you posted

Address: 1095 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON
Contact: 416-961-6220
Cuisine: Cafe Fare
Area: Rosedale
Venue: Cafe
Hours: Daily: 7:00am – 7:00pm
Price Range: $$(Affordable)
Payment: Master Card, Visa, American Express

Courtesy of MartiniBoys.com

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