CheeseMe, Miami

Miami, being the bathing suit center of the United States, is very much a carbophobe’s city. Few are the times that Atkins devotees take the trip down legume lane, let alone bark up the bakery tree. But occasionally, a night in South Beach turns ugly: you sling back a few too many mojitos, have a couple martinis to wash them down; and suddenly all that is left of your night is a uncompromising craving for greasy monosaccharides and a long night’s crash.

But, it’s South Beach, it’s 2am and you deserve better than an aged hot dog at the closest convenience store. So where do you go? The answer my friends is simple: Cheeseme, the new late night eats spot that has taken over the short-lived nightclub Hed Kandi and, for that matter, is probably less cheesy. Attracting the give-me-good-food-and-get-me-out-of here crowd, this self-proclaimed “grilled cheese and fry bar” has staying power.

Although Cheeseme markets itself as a late-night, all grilled cheese restaurant, customers do not face a banal menu built on Wonderbread and Kraft Singles. Rather, this munchy-sufferer’s dream-spot has a card that could have made Mary Kate Olsen — in her ano-glory days — turn the corner. In addition to the traditional grilled cheese sandwich, assembled via your choice of 16 types of cheese and twelve different breads, the menu features choice meats, like Kobe beef, pastrami, poached lobster tail, duck confit, and more, to add to said sammy. If you are too drunk to figure out your own perfect sandwich, you can always select one of the combinations on the menu. My favorite is “The Shorty,” served on pumpernickel with pulled braised short rib, roaring forties blue cheese, and roasted red pepper.

Jared himself couldn’t turn his back on the sandwiches at Cheeseme. Still, I can’t see a really good ad campaign coming out of daily chow-downs at the indulgent spot… Just sayin’

Address: 1200 Washington Ave Miami Beach, FL
Contact: 786-276-6146
Cuisine: Comfort Food
Area: South Beach
Venue: Restaurant
Hours: Open until 5am
Price Range: $$ (Affordable)
Payment: Master Card, Visa, American Express

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