Mis Trucos, Vancouver

The territory past the more interesting parts of Davie Street could easily fade into a distant memory of Greek restaurants and gay bars, but thanks in part to a meek, little café it will not go gently into that good night. Mis Trucos is working the bistro thing to the hilt, but with shockingly affordable prices.

La Brasserie (1071 Davie Street) brought its own distinctive style to the area, and now Mis Trucos has stepped in to provide a certain amount of culinary relief to an area where chicken wings once reigned as the culinary peak.

Mis Trucos, which means “my tricks” in Spanish, is Chef Kris Barnholden‘s baby (you may know his name from his days at the Parkside Room). Barnholden stumbled across the “for lease” sign at 1141 Davie Street (previously Davie Village Café) on one of his strolls, and the chef worked quickly to secure the space.

Located on the second level (the restaurant is easy to miss if you’re not attentive), the space has not been renovated a great deal; just a quick DIY update. Still, the room is fine, simply finished with natural wood, crisp white stools and chairs and tables.

Barnholden has crafted a menu that is Spanish-influenced, and includes plates such as a cured white spring salmon, lobster truffle risotto, pork belly with crab, grapefruit and cauliflower, and house cured duck and melon salad.

Barnholden brought on GM Eryn Dorman who is well known to regulars of Fuel Restaurant and the now-closed Aurora . His wine list is predominantly Spanish and Portuguese-base, and it doesn’t stray far from that geo target. And, firmly positioned behind the polished bar, is Jonathan James (ex-Chow) mixing up his specialty cocktails ’til the cows come home. Sit back and enjoy a Barcelona with gin, orange liquor, white wine, lemon, orange and elderflower, the agua de Valencia with cava and orange liquor, or the house made Sangria. Or just let him surprise you.

Basically, Mis Trucos is a staple for busy people who want quick fare. The loungers, diners and revelers alike can take advantage of the patio bar as well as the indoor bar and music on the weekend. Equipped with a BBQ, Barnholden lures in the masses with his pig roasts and weekend patio parties.

Mis Trucos is, at heart, just a home-spun café. As other neighbourhood areas plod blindly onward with established restaurants and clubs fumbling to survive in the dangerously fickle economy, Barnholden’s restaurant engineers its trajectory quietly and steadily, like a well-oiled machine

Address: 1141 Davie St, Vancouver, BC
Contact: 604.566.3960
Cuisine: Latin American
Area: Davie Street
Venue: Restaurant
Hours: Open from 5 daily (closed Monday)
Price Range:
Payment: Master Card, Visa, American Express

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