The Zoomer Philosophy on age and aging

A Series of Monthly Essays On Age & Aging Exclusively In ZOOMER Magazine

Chapter One in ZOOMER’s First Anniversary Issue — October 2009

On Newsstands Nationwide Now, 2009

Moses Znaimer, once the creator of signature youth channels like MuchMusic and MusiquePlus and
now the man behind the Zoomer phenomenon, is taking the next step in tackling what he calls “the
last taboo”: Age & Aging. In a series of monthly essays exclusive to ZOOMER Magazine, Moses
will propose his Zoomer Philosophy, with the ambition to break down society’s lingering prejudice
against age. With people reaching the age of 100 in record numbers, Moses’ initiative is welcome
more than ever.

“Aging is sex for the new millennium, the topic we don’t discuss openly, the thing that happens to
other people, behind closed doors. In deference to this last taboo, people of age have been denied
their right to sensuality, to adventure, to any unconventionality that can’t be fondly smiled at by a
condescending universe. In a way, they have become an invisible demographic,” said Moses, who
hopes to move “Boomers with Zip” into the visible spectrum again; to boldly go where no “old fart” has
gone before.

In Chapter One of the Zoomer Philosophy, Moses examines biblical, mythological, historical, and
cultural attitudes to aging. When did old age — once equated with wisdom and authority — become
devalued? What inspired Jerry Rubin to pronounce the famous words, “Don’t trust anyone over 30”
and why does that phrase still stick?

The Zoomer Philosophy is a literary expression of Moses’ New Vision Of Aging For Canada, a
concept he launched in February 2008 to define and disseminate a fresh perspective on “aging”. He
swiftly popularized the term “Zoomer” to redefine the Baby Boomer generation; assembled a suite of
media on all platforms for this demographic: broadcast, web and the national print publication,
ZOOMER Magazine; and revitalized CARP (formerly the Canadian Association of Retired Persons)
into Canada’s most visible and vocal nonprofit Advocacy Association for the 45plus.

ZOOMER Magazine was launched in October 2008 under the leadership of Editor-in-Chief and style
icon Suzanne Boyd, best-known for her tenure at Canada’s FLARE Magazine. ZOOMER Magazine
presents groundbreaking and highly-in-demand content aimed at men and women 45plus in the
areas health, finance, travel, sex, longevity, fashion, beauty, style, and life in general. Even people
south of the border are taking notice:

“Americans, it seems, still don’t get the new face of getting older, even those who purport to represent
them. The Canadians are doing better and this country can probably take a lesson from them. Moses
Znaimer is the new president of CARP, roughly the equivalent of the AARP, representing the
population he refers to as “Zoomers. “You are a Zoomer,” he says, “if you still look forward in life and
to life and remain open to new things.” — Boston Globe, June 2009

ZOOMER Magazine is published nine times a year by ZoomerMedia Limited (Toronto Venture
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