L’Assommoir, Montreal

Though Martiniboys.com is not known for its literary references, sometimes it makes sense to drop a citation or two, especially when it pertains to martinis. So, here goes: L’Assommoir is both a new location of an already established Montreal resto-lounge and a famous novel by 19th century French writer, Emile Zola that chronicles the effects of alcoholism in working-class Paris.

For the record, old Montreal’s L’Assommoir doesn’t plan to make an alcoholic out of any of its patrons, but, I will say this: with over 250 cocktails on the menu it certainly isn’t difficult to drink hard at this resto-lounge. From the “Neon Martini” a blend of tequila blanco, basil and watermelon, to the bikini mojito a muddled beverage of vodka, agostura bitter, cucumber, mint, sugar and apple juice to a simple negroni, with gin, campari bitter and red vermouth, L’Assomier will have you quite pickled by the end of the evening.

Speaking of pickled, or things that are cooked in their own acid, L’Assommoir also specializes in ceviche. The Central American dish comes in shareable platters and includes salmon tartar, spicy mango salmon, spiced tuna, sesame tuna, tequila shrimps, honey and citrus flower scallop and marinated swordfish. But if you’re not interested in having your dish cooked in the same manner that you are, the menu also features a variety of sharing platters – my favorite being the tartar with foie gras, candied duck, duck breast with strawberry sauce, grelot potatoes and vegetables – small plates, and sandwiches.

The look of L’Assommoir, rife with exposed brick, glowing niches of bright light, and warm woods, is fitting for the casual, almost at-home, elegance that is the restaurant’s forte. Unlike Zola’s novel, I think this L’Assomoir will have a happy ending, or, for that matter, no ending at all.

Address: 211 Notre Dame West, Montreal, QC
Contact: 514-272-0777
Cuisine: Global
Area: Old Montreal
Venue: Restaurant, Bar
Hours: Daily: 3:00pm – 3:00am
Price Range: $$$ (Within Reach)
Payment: Master Card, Visa, American Express

Courtesy of MartiniBoys.com

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