Flap Flap, Montreal

The Montreal dining scene is not by any means limited in its selection of ethnic cuisine. But multicultural eateries in the city tend to run rather heavy in the Asian, Mediterranean, and Indian departments leaving cuisines of other cultures if not in the lurch, than pretty damn near it. One man, however, who is trying hard to stake a claim for Caribbean cuisine in the city is Ed Vertus, who owns Kalula (a restaurant bar and live music venue) and the more casual Caribbean café, Flap Flap.

Now that Flap Flap has opened its second location, Vertus is beginning to compete with the resto-industry bigwigs. And with the clean, affordable, casual template that is Flap Flap, I imagine his small empire will continue to grow.

The menu, comprised of both Haitian and Jamaican specialties, features Caribbean classics like “Griyo,” marinated fried pork served with a Spicy Haitian vinegar known as pikliz, red beans, rice, and smashed plantains; and pan roasted chicken marinated in a blend of Artibonite region spices. At the same time, the card does move a little into the modern with its “creole cigar,” a playful twist on a traditional springroll with spicy beef, pork, crab, and scallion; and its “Chiquetaille,” a kind of island version of bruschetta with minced smoked herring, onion, garlic, hot peppers and extra virgin olive oil.

The bright red walls, light wood finishings and colourful Caribbean artwork make for a fun and vibrant place for a group to enjoy a quick bite, especially when Flap Flap offers combo-platters that are very recession friendly. In other words, Flap Flap gets a clap clap. Check it out.

Address: 1575 Fleury East, Montreal, QC
Contact: 514-329-7787
Cuisine: Caribbean
Area: Downtown
Venue: Restaurant
Hours: Daily 11:30 – Close
Price Range: $$ (affordable)
Payment: Cash, Master Card, Visa, Debit

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