La Lucha, NYC

Here in America, Lucha Libre wrestling may best be known as xenophobic Jack Black movie fodder, but in Mexico it’s a serious ritual. Hailing from Mexico City themselves, the owners of La Lucha are well acquainted with the customary pre-match visit to the Taqueria, and so they’re bringing the experience to New York City.

La Lucha’s interior is small but colorful. Almost distractingly so. The small eight table dining room is bright pink, and if that’s not enough of a visual feast, it’s also covered in Lucha Libre memorabilia – masks, posters, tights, projected matches – you name it. But it’s not kitsch. It’s more like devotion. The Lucha Libre obsession isn’t ironic; it’s a celebration of an authentic piece of Mexican culture.

Take a look at the menu and you’ll see this is no Taco Bell. There’s no guacamole, no burritos, and certainly no gorditas. Instead, the small menu is made up of Mexican street food standards: Chicharron de Queso, Sincronizadas, Quesadillas, and eight kinds of tacos. Choices range from steak to ribs to spicy pork, and nothing exceeds $3.50.

Affordable Mexican food, entertainment, and fun – something tells me it’s a winning combination. You’ve got to get your pre-wrestling snack somewhere, right?

Address: 147 Avenue A, New York, NY
Contact: 212-260-0235
Cuisine: Mexican
Area: East Village
Venue: Restaurant
Hours: Daily: 6:00pm – 1:00am
Price Range: $$ (Affordable)
Payment: Cash, Debit

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