A Night to Remember

slideshownewyearseve.jpgPlanning a New Year’s Eve party? Add that extra fizz to kick off the new decade — we asked some of Canada’s party experts for tips on how to make a good party great. Here’s their best advice:  

“LIVE MUSIC- It adds a whole different vibe to the room. It condenses the evening really nicely and gets everyone on the same page. I have AION Clarke singing at every one of my parties this season.” 

-Raymond Perkins, communications and events guru for Roots 

“I’m offering absinthe because it makes people crazy. If you look back to the 1900’s in Paris, the likes of Hemingway, Paul Verlaine and Oscar Wilde all drank it. Of course we will also have Champagne. 
-Toufik Sarwa, owner of Toronto nightspots Amber and CINQ01


“Inviting a varied mix of people is the magic formula — make sure there are a few new people for the old crowd to meet. That unknown quality makes a party successful.”
-Mary Symons, events planner 

One of our friends who goes to a lot of events and parties tells us the key is to dress up. Even if you’re staying home and watching movies on New Year’s Eve, wear something lavish like a smoking jacket or a silk nightie. Make the night special!