Zoomer’s Choice

If you’re thinking of what to give – or play for – the apple of your eye on Valentine’s Day and beyond, look no further.

Moses Znaimer presents ZOOMER’S CHOICE: BUT I STILL BELIEVE IN LOVE, a new CD of his personal selection of “surefire romantic songs and hurtin’ music guaranteed to get that special someone in the mood”. These are songs that Moses has listened to all his life … mellow, moving and meaningful, without the cynicism of much of today’s pop music.

“Like the music we play on The New AM 740 – Zoomer Radio, these are tunes from an age when the music’s tempo was slower, when you could still make out the words, and people still believed in love,” says Moses.

MOSES PRESENTS ZOOMER’S CHOICE: BUT I STILL BELIEVE IN LOVE is a compilation of 12 magical tracks, many of them rarely available, all themed for lovers:

1 . Moses starts to set the mood with Nat King Cole’s beloved STARDUST, one of the world’s most popular romantic songs, with over 1800 different recordings.

2. “Cuz you can’t be romantic without hurtin’ a little”, Moses includes Percy Sledge’s #1 hit from 1966, WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN, the pleading, soulful ballad Sledge sings with anguish and passion. Originally titled “Why Did You Leave Me?” the song was composed after his girlfriend dumped him, a construction worker, for a modeling career.

3, 4. A fan of torch songs, both classic and contemporary, Moses follows with Billie Holiday’s heartbreaking MY MAN and Serena Ryder’s poignant MY HEART CRIES FOR YOU. Coincidentally, both songs were derived from the French originals, “Mon Homme” and an 18th century French melody.

5, 6, 7. Three more songs with the word ‘cry’ are next, but tears often accompany the pursuit of love’s perfection. Moses picks Johnnie Rae’s CRY, Roy Orbison’s CRYING, and CRY ME A RIVER by Julie London, whose album was one of the first he ever owned as a teenager. Listeners will be moved by her over-smoked, intimate voice.

8, 9. “Leonard Cohen has said everything I’ve always wanted to say, only better,” says Moses. An affirmation of love’s survival, DANCE ME TO THE END OF LOVE is one of the most popular songs on The New AM 740. Moses matches Cohen with Gilles Vignault’s passionate PENDANT QUE … a combo that Moses calls “fool proof”, at least when combined with a mattress and fire place.

10. The moment we’ve waited for. Legend has it that Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin recorded JE T’AIME … MOI NON PLUS in bed … which is where listeners will hopefully be.

Where do you go from There?

11. Peggy Lee’s IS THAT ALL THERE IS? is the perfect, optimistically cynical antidote to Gainsbourg and Birkin.

12. Finally, Bette Midler’s note of hope, THE ROSE.

“Against all evidence, we still believe in love,” says Moses.

MOSES PRESENTS ZOOMER’S CHOICE: BUT I STILL BELIEVE IN LOVE is the second in a series of Canadian hit compilation CDs. The first release, MOSES PRESENTS ZOOMER’S CHOICE: GREAT VOICE AND VOCAL HITS as heard on sister station The New Classical 96.3 FM, was an instant hit selling almost 10,000 copies — which, put in perspective, is about 30 times the sales of a typical classical music release.

Available wherever you buy your music or at HMV for $9.99 or less. HMV get into it.

Purchase online at www.Amazon.ca.