6th Street Kitchen, NYC

The space formally known as O.G. has been re-jigged and re-branded by Chris Genoversa and released to the hungry masses as 6th Street Kitchen. O.G., which stood for Oriental Grill , was an adored pan-Asian restaurant that, in 1993, was way ahead of its time. Fast forward seventeen years, and O.G. is gone, and in its place is Genoversa’s tidy little eatery, 6th Street Kitchen. The East Village restaurant ventures far from the fare previously served at this locale. The menu’s conceit, basic cocktail-party food, is at first glance a transgressive trailer park cuisine designed to alienate as many people as possible. But while 6th Street Kitchen doles out fairly simplistic munchies, there are interesting dishes to be found.

Genoversa’s goal for the restaurant is to focus more on multiculti comfort items rather than the Asian fusion fare that O.G. had been renowned. His aim is to give the spot a more easy-going feel, opting to serve up items like sliders instead of Shanghai Noodles. At least that’s the basic M.O. of the menu, which lists off uncomplicated finger foods, noting in particular the three-for-$15 package of plates of everything from baba ganoush to housemade chorizo. As for other worthy appetizer mentions, 6th Street Kitchen picks up on the specialty meatball craze, offering two varieties; lamb with garlic-yogurt sauce, Calabrese pork and veal. Eventually, Genoversa says, the menu will include more hearty homespun classics as burger and fries, roasted chicken, and a French omelette. At lunch, expect offerings of fish tacos and a cheese steak.

With such hype put on food fads these days it’s refreshing to be able to find a place that serves low-brow home cooked fare. Something simple to contrast the business of everyday life. With a very simple, almost plain interior, 6th is shying away from what other restaurants are going for and getting back to basics. It’s somewhere to have a beer after work and if you feel hungry for something familiar, it doesn’t get much more basic than at 6th Street Kitchen.

Address: 507 E 6th St, New York, NY 10009
Cuisine: Comfort Food
Area: East Village
Venue: Restaurant, Bar
Hours: 6 pm – midnight
Price Range: $$ Affordable
Payment: Cash, Master Card, Visa, American Express,

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