Pacini Pasta and Grill Ristorante, Calgary

The oh-so astounding Acclaim Hotel has been conveniently comforting Calgarian travelers for a while now. Pacini Pasta and Grill Ristorante has claimed its fame packing Italian food into Quebecers for over 20 years now. Now, the two have come together as Pacini’s new location is smack-dab in the Calgary airport Hotel. Quebec and Alberta… the two haven’t had a history of getting along famously, but it’s good to see them putting aside their differences for the good of hospitality – setting an example for the kids and all.

Classic Pacini starters, like antipasti platters to share, or individual plates like bruschetta, cherry tomatoes and bocconchini cheese with pesto Genovese, or garlic Escargots (that’s snails, in case you didn’t know), it’s the swank-a-lank adding a bit of class to Cowtown. Light inches include a mix pasta plate, duo pizza molti formaggi, burgers and fries, a 4oz Haddock pomodoro, or a 6oz sirloin steak. Hey, sometimes you need a steak for lunch. With classic French-Canadian-Italian Pizza Rustica and pastas like lasagna, tortellini, fetuccine carbonara, penne, and many veggie pasta options, it’s like the “indulging but still being kind of healthy” ideaology. The Italian grill options, like fish, steak, veal and beef, set it apart from the usual Italian menus. Either way, there’s lots of variety and something for even the pickiest child.

The tasting menu, dessert menu, wine list and kids option also stretch the variety that much further, but it’s perfectly suited for any traveler or local out on the town. The Veal Scallopini di Parma is recommended for anyone, even those who don’t like fish. It’s a bit pricey overall, but the quality is definitely better than the alternative next door at the airport (then again, that’s not easy to beat. Terminal food is about as pleasant as customs search).

Which province will the Pacini name hit up next? Ontario? Saskatchewan? PEI? Bets on Saskatchewan.

Freeport Blvd NE, Calgary, AB
Daily 6am-11pm
Cuisine – Italian
Area – Country Hills
Price – $$$ (Within Reach)

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