Nuba: Mt. Pleasant, Vancouver

Dear Diary,

First off, I’m sorry I haven’t written in so long — I just haven’t found anything really juicy and crush-worthy to share until today. I was sauntering along, underwhelmed by my dining options, certain that I would never open my heart again, and that’s when it winked at me. Nuba . With its inconsequential 3rd avenue location, it drew me in like a tractor beam. I’ve always heard that’s how love happens, but I never thought it would happen to me. If I could, I would marry the little eatery, move it into my home, and merge assets. It understands me. Seriously.

The original veggie-health spot Nuba – which didn’t really do it for me (it might have been those hips) — now has a new location… its third, to be exact. This outpost, east on 3rd avenue, smack dab in Mt. Pleasant – close to me. It has all the signature Lebanese hero items; the lamb kibbeh, beef sirloin kebab, chicken tawook, falafel, mjadra – ready for us all to wonderfully mispronounce upon ordering. Beyond that, there’s freshly squeezed juice, organic retail produce, and Middle Eastern baked goods, breads, pastries and organic coffee. There isn’t anything new brought to this Nuba, décor-wise, minus those hips.

It’s your classic cultural Lebanese décor with some Vancouver-centric potted plants, patterned walls, a globe and a map on the wall to ensure people know it’s “worldly” — yes, we get the point. Get the café fare baked goods to go, or sit in with a fresh falafel — the mix of counter and wait service is how any smart establishment should operate. It says “loiter here for hours, and we won’t make you feel pressured to leave.” Plus, there’s nothing more “blue-collar chic” than a large stick with a number on it that sits on your table until the waiter brings your food. Classic. Thanks, Nuba for expanding… and for having a globe on site. Eating beside a globe is such a conversation starter.

Diary, Nuba assured me that it’s been awaiting my arrival, and now that we’ve connected, I’m never letting it get away. I’m no longer seeing other Lebanese restaurants. My wallet is off the market. I promise to write soon!

146 3 Ave E, Vancouver, BC V5T 1C7
Daily 11:30am-9:30pm
Cuisine – Middle Eastern
Area – Mount Pleasant
Price – $$ (Affordable)

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