Quanto Basta, Toronto

The traditional Italian vineria continues to live on through Rosedale’s newest evening wine spot. Flirting with the name Capo, the end result has been deemed Quanto Basta, brought to us by Capocaccia’s Salvatore Mele. Quanto Basta – meaning “as much as you want/like” in Italian – is just that; a place for indulgence that’s both rustic and elegant.

Focusing on pairing wines with a rotating menu of Italian style tapas and charcuterie, Basta features entrée items like the filetto di manzo (beef tenderloin), spigola (Mediterranean sea bass), costarelle di maiale (barolo braised short ribs), Cornish hen alla mattone (under the brick), and a few others (menu is subject to change). For pasta, there’s the rigatoni alla norma with breaded eggplant, linguini Giovanni with shrimp, arugula and cherry tomatoes, parpardelle al ragu di polipo with braised octopus, or the ravioli zita e basta (wild mushroom ravioli in a cream truffle sauce).

There’s also an agressive cheese menu and many antipasti platter choices like the chorizo sausage with arugula, mussels in white wine with grilled bread, or the thinly sliced yellowfin tuna with lemon olive oil cucumber and tomato salsa. However, the cheese has a duty to be paired with the wine – there’s 70 bottles of red and 40 of white to choose from. Using the Enomatic Wine Serving System (what Mele describes as a “eg for wine”), it allows the bottle to be opened, poured out in specific quantities – while nitrogen in the machine keeps the wine fresh for several days after the bottles been opened. If wine and cheese isn’t your thing, end the meal with an espresso and dolci, like the tiramisu, panna cotta del giorno, or torta cioccolato (extra gooey because it’s flourless).

Designed by HGTV’s Anna Simone, the former Lakes spot reflects the menu well. The high ceilings and clutter-less atmosphere present an intimate (but not too intimate, as it seats 59 people) wine experience, without being too posh. The affordable price menu and casual characteristics take the ‘Rosedale location’ out of the Rosedale location.

As Mele put it, “[Basta] allows customers for greater experimentation, which truly bring out the spirit of the Italian enoteca.” There’s a brunch on the way, but for now it’s open at 9 am serving Italian- style bun cakes, biscotti and espressos to wake you up before work. From dusk til dawn, the new Quanto Basta is Italian enoteca through and through… just don’t expect to get in without a wait or reservation.

112 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4W 2L6
Mon – Sat 9am – 11pm (later on weekends) ; Sunday brunch coming soon
Cuisine – Italian
Area – Rosedale
Price – $$$ (Within Reach)

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