Reduce Stress by Tuning into Classical Music

If music has charms to soothe the savage breast, how about the angry investor? 15 stress-calming songs for your music library

If the economic uncertainty and roller-coaster markets have you feeling stressed, turn off the news — and tune into classical music.

We all know that unrelieved stress is bad for us. It’s well documented, for example, that long term stress and anxiety can lead to increased risk for cardiovascular disease and other health problems.

According to a recent British study, chronically stressed workers are 68 per cent more likely to develop heart disease. Stressed workers also face a significantly higher risk of dying of heart disease, suffering a non-fatal heart attack or developing angina. (Read more.)

And while it may be impossible to eliminate stress entirely from our lives, there are small ways we can reduce the impact of it. In fact, it may be as easy — and as pleasant — as tuning into your iPod or radio.

Classical music: good for body and soul

Listening to classical music can have a tremendously relaxing effect on both mind and body. More than just beautiful music for your ears, this type of music can slow the heart and pulse rate, lower blood pressure and reduce the levels of stress hormones.

Just recently, for example, a study from The College of Nursing at Seattle University in Washington showed that listening to music such as Mozart or relaxation tapes three or more times per week lowered blood pressure, according to a news release from the American Heart Association.

Similarly, researchers at the American Society of Hypertension’s annual meeting reported that listening to classical music for just half an hour a day can significantly reduce your blood pressure. (Read more.)

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If you’re looking for a beautiful way to lower the stress in your life, here are 15 ‘tried and true’ classical songs to add to your playlist.

Canon in D — Johann Pachelbel

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik-Andante — Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Fur Elise — Ludwig Van Beethoven

Clair De Lune — Claude Debussy

String Quartet #1 — Tchaikovsky

Air on a G String — Johann Sebastian Bach

Etude in E Major — Frederick Chopin

The Four Seasons Violin Concerto in F Minor, R297 — Antonio Vivaldi

Moonlight Sonata – Adagio — Ludwig Van Beethoven

Arabesque — Claude Debussy

Greensleeves — Ralph Vaughn Williams

Serenade for String – Moderato — Antonin Dvorak

Adagio in G Minor — Tomaso Albinoni

Piano Concerto No 21 in C Major for Piano — Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Ave Maria — Johann Sebastian Bach/Charles Francois Bounod

Or, of course, you may simply want tune into The New Classical 96.3 FM (a ZoomerMedia property) or your favourite classical music station on a regular basis!

Have a favorite soothing song? Let us know in the comments!

Sources: American Heart Association;; European Heart Journal.

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