Family-friendly holiday flicks

There’s nothing quite like a classic Christmas movie to get you in the spirit of the season. Tune into VisionTV all month long for a variety of your old favorites.


Booky and the Secret Santa
Monday, December 5 at 3pm ET / Noon PT
Tuesday, December 13 at 9pm ET / 6pm PT
Booky (Rachel Marcus) tries to bring her family the best Christmas possible, despite hard times during the Great Depression of the 1930s when her dad (Stuart Hughes) loses his job. She gets help from her mum (Megan Follows) and a department store owner (Kenneth Welsh).

Call Me Claus (2001)
Monday, December 5 at 9pm ET / 6pm PT
Tuesday, December 6 at 3pm ET / Noon PT
Monday, December 19 at 11pm ET / 8pm PT
As a child, Lucy Cullins asked Santa Claus to bring her father home from Vietnam. But when her dad returned in a pine box, the embittered Lucy decided that Christmas — and every other holiday for that matter — was a humbug. Now all grown-up (and played by Whoopi Goldberg), Lucy is the hard-as-nails producer for the Shop-A-Lot Channel. While auditioning actors to play Santa Claus for a hokey Yuletide infomercial series, Lucy hires a twinkly eyed old gentleman named Nick (Nigel Hawthorne), who, unbeknownst to everyone but the audience, is the genuine, bonafide “Ho Ho Ho” man himself. Facing mandatory retirement at age 200, Nick must find someone to take his place as Santa Claus for the next two centuries. The person he chooses in none other than Lucy Cullins — and if she doesn’t accept the job, the North Pole will melt, wreaking havoc upon everyone in the world, whether they’re “naughty” or “nice.”

Trapped in Paradise (1994)
Monday, December 5 at 11pm ET / 8pm PT
It’s Christmas Eve, and Bill, Alvin and Dave Firpo — three small-time crooks from New York — are desperately trying to get out of town, but their big city craftiness is no match for the good people of Paradise who are slowly killing the Firpos with kindness. Stars Nicolas Cage, Richard Shull, Jon Lovitz, and Dana Carvey.

The Family Man (2000)
Tuesday, December 6 at 11pm ET / 8pm PT
Academy Award-winner Nicolas Cage plays a fast-lane investment broker in New York City who wakes up one morning to find himself living the quiet suburban life he rejected years ago. Also starring Tea Leoni.

Blizzard (2002)
Wednesday, December 7 at 9pm ET / 6pm PT
Thursday, December 8 at 3pm ET / Noon PT
Wednesday, December 21 at 11pm ET / 8pm PT
Young Jess, whose best friend moves away, is consoled by a story from her Aunt Millie about the friendship between another young girl, Katie, and Blizzard, Santa’s unusual reindeer. Blizzard, born with the gift of empathic navigation, hears a distant, anguished cry and, following her instincts, discovers Katie living in a new city, friendless and cut off from her one passion – ice skating. Doing everything in her power, Blizzard helps Katie realize her dream — even at the risk of incurring the wrath of Archimedes, Santa’s head elf.

The Gathering (1977)
Wednesday, December 7 at 11pm ET / 8pm PT
Edward Asner and Maureen Stapleton star in this poignant and heartwarming story of the reconciliation between a successful businessman and the family he long ago abandoned to pursue a career. When Adam Thornton (Asner) learns that he is terminally ill, his estranged wife (Stapleton) insists that he spend one last Christmas with his now-adult children. Adam agrees–but insists that they not know of his illness. Now, in an idyllic, snow-covered New England town, the Thornton family tries to find reunion before it is too late. Winner of the 1978 Emmy Award for Outstanding Special – Drama or Comedy.

The Homecoming: A Christmas Story (1971)
Thursday, December 8 at 9pm ET / 6pm PT
Monday, December 19 at 3pm ET / Noon PT
The Walton’s celebrate Christmas in 1933. This is the film that started one of the most-loved series of all time.

The Christmas Box (1995)
Thursday, December 8 at 11pm ET / 8pm PT
Monday, December 12 at 3pm ET / Noon PT
This heartwarming story about the true spirit of Christmas is a testament to family values. When a young, cash strapped family become caretakers for a widow in her grand home, the father finds a mysterious box that holds a secret. By unlocking the mystery, his heart opens up and he discovers the meaning of Christmas. Starring Richard Thomas, Maureen O’Hara and Annette O’Toole.

Miracle of the Heart (2005)
Friday, December 9 at 3pm ET / Noon PT
Thursday, December 15 at 9pm ET / 6pm PT
Young doctor Nathan Andrews goes back to his hometown after losing a teenager on the operating table. While coaching a youth basketball league, he befriends single mother Meghan and her ill son, Charlie. Based on a novel by Donna VanLiere. Starring Neil Patrick Harris and Rebecca Gayheart.

Scrooge (1970)
Monday, December 12 at 11pm ET / 8pm PT
Tuesday, December 13 at 3pm ET / Noon PT
Albert Finney fills the title role of Scrooge. He joins Oscar-winner Sir Alec Guiness as Marely’s Ghost and Dame Edna Edith Evans as the Spirit of Christmas Past.

Santa Who?
Tuesday, December 6 at 9pm ET / 6pm PT
Tuesday, December 13 at 11pm ET / 8pm PT
Wednesday, December 14 at 3pm ET / Noon PT
Starring Leslie Nielsen. Santa Claus develops amnesia after accidentally falling out of his sleigh and only the innocence of a small child can save him.

Nativity Story (2006)
Wednesday, December 14 at 9pm ET / 6pm PT
Thursday, December 15 at 3pm ET / Noon PT
Tuesday, December 20 at 11pm ET / 8pm PT
A drama that focuses on the period in Mary and Joseph’s life where they journeyed to Bethlehem for the birth of Jesus. Stars Keisha Castle-Hughes as Mary.

One Christmas (1994)
Wednesday, December 14 at 11pm ET / 8pm PT
Wednesday, December 21 at 9pm ET / 6pm PT
Thursday, December 22 at 3pm ET / Noon PT
Truman Capote’s classic Depression-era short story features the final performance of Academy Award-winning legend Katharine Hepburn. Hepburn plays a New Orleans socialite whose spinster niece (Emmy-winner Swoosie Kurtz) is vulnerable to the charms of a con artist (Emmy-winner Henry Winkler) whose 8-year-old son has joined them all for Christmas.

Hobo’s Christmas
Thursday, December 15 at 11pm ET / 8pm PT
Friday, December 16 at 3pm ET / Noon PT
Starring Gerald McRaney and Wendy Crewson. An old hobo finds the family he walked out on 20 years before.

The Man Who Saved Christmas (2002)
Monday, December 19 at 9pm ET / 6pm PT
Tuesday, December 20 at 3pm ET / Noon PT
During World War I, the inventor of the Erector Set was convinced to put aside his toymaking to support the war effort, but the horrors of the conflict forced him to rethink his decision. Starring Jason Alexander, Ed Asner and Kelly Rowan.

A Christmas Wife (1988)
Tuesday, December 20 at 9pm ET / 6pm PT
Wednesday, December 21 at 3pm ET / Noon PT
A widower not wanting to face his first Christmas alone responds to an ad for “social introductions.” He meets a woman who is happy to celebrate the holidays with him. She bids him to not ask about her personal life which harbors a secret that threatens their developing friendship and could ultimately change both their lives. Starring Jason Robards and Julie Harris.

Miracle on 34th Street (1973)
Thursday, December 22 at 9pm ET / 6pm PT
Friday, December 23 at 3pm ET / Noon PT
A department store Santa tries to convince a little girl who doesn’t believe in Santa Claus that he is Santa Claus, and winds up going on trial to prove who he is. Starring: Jane Alexander, David Hartman, Roddy Mcdowall and Sebastian Cabot as Kris Kringle

A Christmas Carol (1984)
Wednesday, December 7 at 3pm ET / Noon PT
Thursday, December 22 at 11pm ET / 8pm PT
The Dickens classic is presented again in this delightful adaptation starring George C. Scott as Ebenezer Scrooge, Anthony Walters as Tiny Tim, and David Warner as Bob Cratchit.

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