TV series Dallas returns with a new generation of villains

After being off the air for 20 years, the popular TV series Dallas returns with a new generation joining the original iconic cast.

While the family ranch, split screen opening credits and theme song remain the same, the show is now placed firmly in 2012 – one Ewing even turning his back on oil in favor of alternative energy – and introduces the sons of J.R and Bobby Ewing, their love interests, and a love triangle, alongside the standard betrayal, manipulation and jealousy the show was beloved for.

Since the original Dallas still airs regularly in syndication around the world, they’ve had no problem selling the revamped series, with 32 countries already on board.

In the 1980s, the show was renowned for its sleazy, bed hopping characters and over the top costumes, and the word “Dallas” became a synonym for glamour and excess.

Patrick Duffy, who plays Bobby, told Reuters about the difference in attention spans of audiences these days. “Every one of our new scripts has about five episodes of the old ‘Dallas’ crammed into one hour … We don’t want to let the audience fall back and relax.”

In the new version his character is the Ewing family patriarch, doing his best to keep Southfork free of oil drilling, and his adopted son Christopher is determined to steer the family business toward alternative energy.

J.R, having failed at his suicide attempt in the original series finale, is living unhappily in a retirement home, while his son John finds oil on the land and is planning to marry Christopher’s ex-fiance.

Sue Ellen is now running for governor, after having been divorced from J.R and sober for years.

Victoria Principal’s character Pamela is the most notable absence from the new cast – having been last seen in 1987 when she was diagnosed with a terminal disease – but in the world of Dallas, anything can happen. Word is, the door is open for her to make a comeback.

A couple of years ago, Katie Couric sat down with legendary actor Larry Hagman to talk about his role on the show.


The show will premiere on June 13, 2012 on cable station TNT. In Canada, the series will be aired on Bravo at 9 pm. In the UK, Dallas will be screened on Channel 5.

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