Start your week with a Monday night mind workout

People lie, cheat, steal, and ‘covet thy neighbour’s wife’. 2012 Banff Rockies Award-nominated THE SCIENCE OF SIN explores the shadowy pathways of the human mind to examine why the temptation to sin is evolutionarily hard-wired and asks if this scientific reality can be trumped by culture, laws or religion.

Monday, September 17 at 9pm ET / 6pm PT
Theologians say that GREED is like drinking saltwater: you think you’re going to be satisfied but you always thirst for more. Stephanie, a former runner-up on The Apprentice, describes herself as ambitious and greedy. She enjoys the chase, the power and the “freedom” greed brings. But as she desperately seeks to form relationships does greed prevent her from reaching out?

On the flip side of greed, is ENVY. Rachel has been envious her entire life and now battles a shopping addiction. For more than four decades Rachel has struggled with overspending fuelled by western culture and advertising that conspires to have us emulate the lifestyles of “the rich and famous.” But why has she acted this way? Could it be she has the “credit card” gene in her DNA?

Monday, September 24 at 9pm ET / 6pm PT
Terry is a 400 pound, stand-up comedian who wants to make a “big” impact on his audience; Karen is a competitive fitness model with surreal body. What could they possibly have in common? According to our religious scholars, both are considered GLUTTONS, obsessed by food impulses. Terry and Karen will undergo a series of tests to reveal their inner sinner.

When it comes to SLOTH we meet Aidan, a 17-year-old video gamer.  He is chronically tired and underperforming at school.  Dr. Mariana Figueiro believes that artificial lighting and a myriad of technologies has brightened our evenings and is what is really affecting our sleep patterns.

Monday, October 3 at 9pm ET / 6pm PT
Clive has a history of violent outbreaks and trouble with authority – the latest resulting in his arrest, with his wife and children leaving him. Can renowned Los Angeles psychologist Dr. Ray Novaco, who coined the term “anger management”, help someone so full of WRATH?

While biological evidence suggests we are meant to have multiple partners, infidelity is a sin. Brian and Ashley’s 12-year marriage hangs by a thread due to Brian’s INFIDELITY. The couple travels to the ‘Love Lab’ to meet Dr. John Gottman. Can evolution, and our DNA, wash away responsibility for Brian’s sins?

Monday, October 8 at 9pm ET / 6pm PT
Tevya is obsessed with his looks, consuming daily supplements and barely ever eating “chew meals”. Even when professionally warned of the damage he may be doing, Tevya’s PRIDE prevents him from changing his unhealthy regimen. He meets neuroscientist Dr. Julian Keenan, who points out that the human brain has evolved a unique cognitive process: the ability to lie to ourselves and each other, and this is part of what makes us human.

Catch the entire series on VisionTV starting September 17th.

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