Celebrate Thanksgiving with VisionTV

What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than sitting down with your family and watching classic (and modern) films that look at the interesting and sometimes complicated relationships people have within their own family.

Starting Thanksgiving night, tune into VisionTV for daily films that focus on just that:

OCTOBER 8th, 12:00AM

Promise the Moon (1997) 

Set in Western Canada in the 1920s, Henry Czerny stars as a rugged ranch hand, Roy Leckner, who tires to fulfill his employer’s dying wish to find his long lost son, bring him home and groom him to run the family’s failing cattle ranch. Roy locates the young man (Shaun Ashmore, X-Men), who he discovers has been institutionalized since birth.

OCTOBER 9th, 9:00PM

Love on the Land (1999) – PART 1

An epic drama spanning forty years, in the lives of Thomas and Kate Linthorne, Love on the Land portrays their trials and tribulations in raising their children during the period after the Civil War. Starring Peter Strauss, Rachel Ward.


Henry and Verlin (1997)

Set in a small rural community during the Great Depression “Henry and Verlin” is the story of an unusual friendship between a nine year old silent boy, Verlin (Keegan MacIntosh) and his child-like uncle Henry (Gary Farmer) who teaches him about the small pleasures in life.

OCTOBER 10th, 12:00AM

In America 

Director Jim Sheridan (In The Name of the Father) turns his lens upon his own family’s experiences immigrating to the US in the aptly titled film about an Irish family adjusting to a new life in New York City. The script centres on Johnny (Paddy Considine), a young actor sneaking his wife, Sarah (Samantha Morton), and daughters over the Canadian border in the hopes of jump-starting his career in New York City. They soon find that America is not the land of boundless opportunity as they move into a dilapidated apartment building populated by drug dealers and thugs.

OCTOBER 11th, 12:00AM

Coupe de Ville (1990) 

Three brothers, a sergeant in the US Air Force (Daniel Stern), a handsome troublemaker (Partick Dempsey) and a timid dreamer (Arye Gross) meet for the first time in five years. They have met to drive the Cadillac Coupe DeVille their father bought for their mother’s 50th birthday home from Detroit to Miami. During the long ride home they fight and reconnect … while trying to maintain the car’s mint condition.

OCTOBER 12th, 12:00AM

The Amati Girls (2000) – THANKSGIVING WEEK

The story of four Italian American sisters who disagree about everything – except the importance of family. After their father’s death, in trying to convince their mother (Cloris Leachman) that her life is still worth living, each sister grapples with her own ideas on love, faith, and ultimately, the meaning of life.

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