Singers with Style

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Tina Turner recently put a ring on it at age 73 by marrying her long-term beau, Erwin Bach. Legendary Diana Ross, at 69, is still performing and bringing the house down with her songs and wardrobe changes, and the provocateur Madonna, 54, still manages to enthrall us with her chameleon personality.

These singers are still hitting the high notes – not just with their voices – but their beauty and style also seem to defy age.

We take a look at some legendary performers over age 45 that can show some of today’s young pop stars that you don’t have to flash and bare it all the time to gain iconic fashion status.


She is old-school – which is always in style. Her recent concert in San Francisco called for a start time at 8 p.m., the lights went down at 7:57 p.m. and Ms. Ross hit the stage promptly on time. Let’s see Rihanna do that.

As for Ms. Ross’s enduring style – big hair, big jewels and big gowns – just shows that sometimes a big star needs big style.


Madonna is not going gently into the night. And why should she? Last year’s performance at the Super Bowl half-time show garnered way more viewers than this year’s Beyoncé’s half-time show, proving that the woman still has the chops to command our attention. Here, she channels Marlene Dietrich in a classic tuxedo look.


The short bleached hair is there, but here the singer goes for ease in a head-to-toe white linen. Cool, breezy and effortless but none the less chic.


A strong yet sexy female rock star, she shows that she still loves rock ’n’ roll, and her style lives up to her classic hit. Yes, you can be over 50 and still rock a leather jacket with a pair of jeans. It’s all in your attitude, baby.


The punk rock singer-songwriter and former Playboy bunny still has her bombshell looks, but she keeps it age-appropriate in classic black but still with a touch of rebellion with a pair of cutting-edge sunglasses.


She might be country but she can rock the hipster boho look.  Here, the singer takes to the red carpet in a gown that pretty much covers up most of her svelte body, proving that you can still cut a striking figure without putting an excess amount of flesh on display. Hear that, Rihanna?


The Canadian songbird has always kept it classy and safe when it comes to her wardrobe. But it seems as she gets older, the performer is not afraid to step up the style stakes in some cutting edge labels like Givenchy. Here, she looks every inch the mega-wattage star in a gold metallic dress that shows off her slender figure. Sometimes, yes, you do have to take a bit of a fashion risk to get that radiant glow.