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In case you’ve become completely apathetic to the situation happening with Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford but have been pulled back in by his latest (most outrageous) comments, here’s a timeline on Rob Ford and his chaos.


11:00 AM: Rob Ford apologizes to Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale for implying that he was a pedophile in an interview with theZoomer’s Conrad Black. Ford told council, “I do not believe Mr. Dale is a pedophile” and “”I certainly did not intend to suggest that he is a pedophile. I was merely commenting on the thoughts that went through my mind.” He added, “I wish to sincerely apologzie to Mr. Dale if my actual words have cause any harm or personal offence.”


10:00 AM: We’ve officially developed Ford fatigue and will only update this timeline if something absolutely pressing happens.


5:17 PM: Vote to slash Ford’s office budget carries 37-5.

Motion to reallocate outstanding balance of mayor’s budget to city clerk, under deputy mayor’s oversight carries 36-6.

Motion denying mayor ability to designate times for key council items carries 32-10.

Motion to deny Ford the right to speak first or last on council items carries 30-12.

Motion to have deputy mayor chair the striking committee carries 35-7.

Motion to cut mayor out of process to determine what is an urgent motion at council carries 37-5.

5:05 PM: Ford says this reminds him of the time Iraq attacked Kuwait, “You guys have just attacked Kuwait,” he says. “This is going to be outright war in the next election.”

5:00 PM: Mayor Ford, “This is nothing more than a coup d’etat” followed by laughter. Shortly after he promotes his show airing tonight, “You will get my side of the story, okay? Unfiltered.” More laughter.

3:00 PM: Ford brothers get into a shouting match with public gallery.

2:45 PM: Things get heated at City hall and Ford accidentally knocks down a councillor as he runs to intervene in a fight involving his brother. The councillor says she has a swollen lip because of the altercation.

2:00 PM: Ford mocks a councillor’s history of drinking and driving. Interesting as he recently admitted to drinking and driving himself. Could this get any more bizarre?

12:30 PM: City council meeting to strip Ford of his powers begins. Watch it here.


3:00 PM: CNN announces that Rob Ford will be appearing in an interview with Anderson Cooper on Monday night at 8:00 PM ET (same time that his Sun News show premieres).

12:00 PM: Ford appears in an interview on Fox News. The mayor says he’s been “working out two hours a day” and is getting professional help. Ford does not specify if he’s getting help for substance abuse. He also promotes his Sun News show with his brother which airs Monday at 8:00 PM ET. Oh, and he says he would like to be Prime Minister one day (who needs SNL, really?).
Watch a clip of the interview below and the rest here.

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12:10AM: In Saturday Night Live‘s Weekend Update, Cecily Strong takes a small dig at Ford’s “more than enough to eat at home” gaffe. Strong says, “After that comment, I’m sure the kitchen’s closed.”


11:36 PM: Saturday Night Live  pokes fun at Rob Ford with a five minute spoof to open the show. SNL’s Bobby Moynihan plays Toronto’s troubled mayor using a questionable accent (we Canadians don’t sound like that, do we?). In the sketch, the mayor is interviewed by the CBC where he explains away his questionable behaviour with the repeated answer: “I goofed up, eh?” At one point, the mayor is seen at a press conference buying crack from a dealer, before finding solace on the only show that would apparently believe his repeated denials: 60 Minutes. View the video HERE.

Opener – CBC News Toronto – Mayor Rob Ford… by IdolxMuzic

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7:30 PM: The Sun reports that  sources confirmed to the them that “Ford gave every member of his mayor’s office staff $5,000 raises on Friday before council stripped him of his powers.”


11:15 AM: City councillors vote 41-2 in favour of giving responsibility to deputy mayor during an emergency.

10:55 AM: Ford vows legal action after council vote to strip his power

10:50 AM: Toronto council votes 39-3 in favour of motion to limit Mayor Ford’s power to remove deputy mayor & exec. comm. chairs.


11:00 PM: Jon Stewart takes another dig at Ford:

12:42: Sun News announces that Rob and Doug Ford will get a show on its network. Sigh.

12:36 PM: Ford apologizes for making “graphic remarks this morning.” He says he has been under tremendous stress for the past six months.

12:00 PM: Argonauts issue remarkable statement condemning his comments this morning.

11:32 AM: Ford asks about costs of Bixi bike stations. “How many of these are we dealing with, at $31,000 a crack?” More laughter.

11:20 AM: The councillors turn their back on Ford. Literally.


10:01 AM: Twitter erupts with gag emoticons.

10:00 AM: While sporting a Toronto Argonauts jersey, Ford makes a statement that he’s suing Mark Towhey, Isaac Ransom, George Christopoulos and a waiter at Toronto restaurant Bier Markt, for false statements, and then adds a sexually explicit remark regarding a staffer’s comment (this also runs live on CNN):

4:00 PM Wednesday – 9:00 AM Thursday: Media continue to report on the latest court documents referring to Ford’s connection with escorts, cocaine, drinking and driving, being drunk at work.

3:40 PM: 37 out of 44 city councillors vote to urge the mayor to take a leave of absence.

3:30 PM: Ford says “I really effed up.” And continues to apologize. Yes, he used the word “effed.”

3:20 PM: Ford calls for a motion for members of council to undergo “hair drug and alcohol testing by December 1, 2013.” The motion is not passed.

2:20 PM: As council resumes Doug Ford appears on CNN: “Rob and I want to move on and continue running the city…”

2:00 PM: The Toronto Sun reports new allegations in just-released court documents. Think: prostitutes, heavy drinking and cocaine.

1:30 PM: Santa Claus Parade organizers request that Ford not walk in the event this year. Parade co-chair Ron Barbaro says “Upstaging Santa is not a good thing.”

1:20 PM: Outside of City Hall:

— Tara Deschamps (@tara_deschamps) November 13, 2013


12:10 PM: Doug Ford asks Minnan-Wong if he’s ever smoked marijuana. Everyone notes that he doesn’t ask if he’s smoked crack cocaine.

11:52 AM: When asked if there is anything left in his closet Ford says there might be a few coat hangers. Oy vey. He says he is not an addict and does not need help. He will not take a leave of absence.

11:20 AM: Mayor Ford: “I expect people when they come to work… to be absolutely straight. And I have been.” Everyone laughs. Again.

10:30 AM: Councillor Mike Del Grande raises the mayor’s 2006 drunken incident at the Air Canada Centre: “You said that conduct would not be repeated.”

Mayor Rob Ford: “I said it would not happen again, and it has never happened again at the Air Canada Centre.” Everyone laughs.

The mayor then admits to purchasing illegal drugs in the past two years.

10:00 AM: City hall chambers are at full capacity. Globe and Mail Columnist Marcus Gee says they “have never been so full in my four and a half years covering city hall”

9:43 AM: Doug Ford says his brother is “feeling like a champion.”

9:20 AM: Ford walks past reporters in high spirits saying that he’s “feeling great.”

9:00 AM: Wednesday morning: Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong’s motion: “We as a council believe the Mayor’s conduct is unacceptable and must stop. He is hurting himself. He is hurting the City of Toronto.”