Behind the Cover: Emma Thompson, December/January 2013

In the latest issue of Zoomer magazine, Emma Thompson, 54, makes wellies look posh  – pairing them with high fashion pieces while posing effortlessly near her parent’s cottage in Scotland. You can read more about what Thompson has been up to in the December/January issue – on newsstands now. For now, get a glimpse at the actress’s experience on set and read some of what she told editor Kim Izzo over a cup of tea.

Emma talks about the gorgeous landscape in Scotland where the cover and accompanying images were shot. “My mom and dad bought that place when I was 15, no electricity, no running water, we take water up the hill, no heating, no nothing,” she explains. “So we live in rustic harmony up there for 3-4 months a year. The landscape is amazing.”

As for the shoot itself, Thompson appears serene and elegant in an array of designer clothes, sometimes even wading in the river. I tell her it looked like a very relaxed shoot. “We had great fun,” she agrees. “Mind you about 5 pm the midges came out and I was wearing something that had holes cut out in it and my back was covered in bites and I finally said, ‘Nick, I can’t stand here in the foliage anymore.’ It was like one of those ancient Indian tortures where you’re pegged out for the bity insects.”

Read more in Zoomer magazine’s Winter issue, on newsstands now.