Zoomer Year in Review: Our Top YouTube Videos

Kick back and put your feet up. We’ve compiled our favourite YouTube clips of the year. How can you forget our own September cover star, Chris Hadfield, orbiting the earth while singing “Space Oddity” or Jean-Claude Van Damme splitting between two Volvo trucks? Click through for some of the most entertaining and viral YouTube clips of 2013.

‘Space Oddity’ Sung by Astronaut Chris Hadfield

Trickshot Baby

“Titus, can you make a basket for Grandma?”

Pepsi MAX Test Drive

Jack Nicholson Interrupts Jennifer Lawrence

Volkswagen Game Day

Dancing Nana

Take a minute to watch this 88-year-old Nana turn what should be a simple walk to the car into a dance party.

Bill & Glad: A Love Story

Bill has been married to Glad for 50 years. In the video above he reminds us what true love is all about.

“Danny and Annie”: The Ultimate Love Story

Another tearjerker.

Oscar Mayer Commercial Stars Honest Grandpa

The “Über Cougar”

Oklahoma Tornado Survivor Finds Dog Alive Under Rubble

The Older Set React to Young People Twerking

Lee and Morty Kaufman: 90-plus years old and YouTube stars for Swiffer

Brian Williams Raps Marky Mark and Funky Bunch’s “Good Vibrations”

19 Famous Divas Sing ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart

Kevin O’Leary Gets Schooled by a 14 Year Old

Jean-Claude Van Damme Shows Off His Skills in Volvo Ad

Damme, indeed.