Hello Mr. Selfridge

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Remember when shopping was actually fun? It’s easy to forget, in this world of online shopping and daily deals clogging our emails, but once upon a time the department store ruled. Part marketplace, part theatre, the great department stores made shopping an adventure.

Now an exciting new TV series takes us back to Edwardian England and a man who created one of the great department stores. Mr. Selfridge tells the story of Harry Gordon Selfridge, an American who in 1908 came to London and created the department store that is still ranked among the best in the world.

Before Harry Selfridge hit town, retailing in the UK was cold and staid. The so-called department stores were funereal, and the goods were actually kept hidden from the customers.

Harry Selfridge changed everything. He made Selfridge’s a spectacle, a non-stop what-will-he-think-of-next experience. Flamboyant, impatient,  obsessive, adventurous – all captured brilliantly by Jeremy Piven (Entourage) in the title role – Harry Selfridge was a true visionary, and his story has all the ingredients that make for a must-see miniseries. There are memorable characters who helped him and hindered him, continuing crises (money, competition, and on the home front) and – no small element – the same luxurious details of fashion and lifestyle that we love in Downton Abbey.

Watch Mr. Selfridge on VisionTV Wednesdays at 9pm ET/6 PT(Missed the first episode? Read episode recaps here.)

Starring Emmy and Golden Globe winner Jeremy Piven as Mr. Selfridge and Katherine Kelly (Coronation Street) as socialite Lady Mae Loxley, whose connections help Harry to build his empire.  Frances O’Connor stars as Harry’s wife Rose, along with acclaimed French actor Grégory Fitoussi as Henri LeClair, Harry’s creative director, Aisling Loftus as shop assistant Agnes, Trystan Gravelle as ladies’ man Victor, the assistant manager at Selfridge’s in-store restaurant, and Zoe Tapper as celebrated stage entertainer Ellen Love, who becomes the new ‘face’ of Selfridge’s.

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(L to R) Lady Mae Loxley (KATHERINE KELLY), Harry Gordon Selfridge (JEREMY PIVEN). Rose Selfridge (FRANCES O’CONNOR)


Rose Selfridge (FRANCES O’CONNOR), Harry Gordon Selfridge (JEREMY PIVEN)


Ellen Love (ZOE TAPPER)








Behind the Scenes: Setting the store clock

Behind the Scenes: The sales ladies between takes