“Don’t Hump the Twerk”: Alan Thicke Riffs on “Twerk-gate”

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Canuck actor Alan Thicke doled out plenty of parental advice as TV dad Jason Seaver on the hit ’80s sitcom Growing Pains, but sometimes real life breeds circumstances that are stranger than fiction.

With a new reality show, Unusually Thicke, which puts a spotlight on his home and family life debuting on Slice in the spring, the Kirkland Lake native opened up about offering showbiz advice to his son, Blurred Lines singer Robin Thicke.

“And I’m happy to say he’s mostly listened,” Thicke noted with a chuckle. “He didn’t ask me in advance if he should let Miley [Cyrus] twerk on him [at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards], but most other things he’s managed to consult me on.”

So what would have Thicke’s advice been had his son told him about the planned stunt?

“I would have just said, ‘Don’t hump the twerk.’ Stand there and let her do whatever she wants but don’t show any forward motion,” Thicke laughed, before channelling his Canadian roots to invoke a hockey analogy. “It’s like kicking the puck in the net. Your skate is not allowed to put the puck in the net. If it bounces off your skate, great. Then it’s a goal. But yeah, just don’t hump the twerk.”

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Despite the twerking controversy, Robin Thicke went on to earn three Grammy nominations for “Blurred Lines” and the subsequent album. Meanwhile, Cyrus is making headlines for another recent performance that wound up with her grinding against another pop superstar – getting up close with Madonna in Nashville.