Five Hot New Fiction Books for April

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Spanning past, present and future, these fabulous new releases are on our book list this month.


LANDING GEAR by Kate Pullinger

What if someone literally fell out of the sky and landed straight into your life? This is what happens to Harriet, a radio executive in London, England, when a migrant worker from Pakistan lands on her car in a grocery store parking lot. The young man – who had attempted to escape his life by stowing away in the landing gear of an aircraft – miraculously survives the free-fall. But the lives of Harriet, her family and others are forever changed in this story of the modern day collisions of vastly different cultures and continents. From the award-winning author of The Mistress of Nothing, comes an imaginative story of life’s strange and surprising connections.



In a follow-up to her critically acclaimed historic drama, The Winter Palace, Eva Stachniak’s engrossing new novel tells the story of Catherine the Great’s ascension to the throne. From court intrigues and betrayals to her many lovers and losses, the book beautifully re-imagines, in her own voice, the life of a passionate young princess who will go on to rule over an empire, eventually becoming the most feared and powerful woman of her time.

 THE CONFABULIST by Steven Galloway

The world’s greatest magician, Harry Houdini, is at the center of this suspense-filled novel from the bestselling author of The Cellist of Sarajevo. Steven Galloway’s new book weaves the life and sudden death of Houdini with Martin Strauss, an everyday man who kills him (twice). A cast of memorable characters spins around Houdini’s celebrity-driven life, from the soon to be assassinated Romanov family to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the powerful heads of Scotland Yard. It is a story of magic, fame and ambition, and in the end, how love and loss can alter our perception of reality and illusion.


 CHESTNUT STREET by Maeve Binchy

It may be one last surprise for her millions of fans around the world. It turns out that beloved Irish author, Maeve Binchy (who passed away in 2012), penned a series of stories that she put away in a drawer, thinking they could be useful for future projects. Chestnut Street reveals the lives of an unlikely and colourful cast of characters living on an imaginary street in Dublin. The storytelling, full of humour, wit and insight, is vintage Binchy.


THE WORD EXCHANGE by Alena Graedon

In these days of hastily dashed off texts and emails, have you found yourself nostalgic for an era of handwritten notes, fine penmanship and fountain pens? Part technical thriller and part cautionary tale, The Word Exchange describes a world in the not-so-distant-future where the forecasted “death of print” has become a reality. Libraries, bookstores, newspapers and magazines are things of the past. Instead, we spend our time glued to handheld devices called Memes that not only keep us in constant communication, but also instruct almost every detail of our lives.