Behind The Cover: Elizabeth Hurley, May 2015

Our deputy editor Kim Izzo and fashion director Derick Chetty share their experience of being on set of our cover shoot with the stunning Liz Hurley.


Elizabeth Hurley is another woman from our list of people we’ve wanted to have on our cover since the beginning of Zoomer. And she didn’t disappoint. Arriving early and in a breathtaking pale pink dress that practically matched her skin tone, she was what you’d expect of a woman gracious enough to not speak to the press about any of her – let’s face it – tabloid-worthy romantic entanglements. She was polite, funny and self-deprecating and, yes, beautiful. What I loved is that her face was remarkably untouched by cosmetic enhancements, beyond expertly applied Estée Lauder makeup. She has wrinkles and can furrow her brows! She is a total pro, as anyone who had modelled or acted tends to be, knowing how to pose and her best angles. She is a working mom and took time to take calls from her son, Damian. She was very passionate about raising breast cancer awareness, which was why she was in Toronto in the first place and how we got to photograph her. I was a fan before I met her, now I’m an even bigger fan.  –Kim Izzo, Deputy Editor

The moment Elizabeth Hurley walked into the studio and greeted everyone, she was ready to get down to work. Professional, politely direct, she knows exactly what works on her body when it comes to fashion. She walked over to the rack of clothes and immediately zeroed in on a svelte hot pink dress by Canadian label Greta Constantine. She mentioned she thought it would make for a great shot for the cover – pink being the universally recognized colour for breast cancer awareness campaigns.

But she was game to try on anything for the photo shoot. Sparkly silver sweater? Sure. A comfy, loose-fitting and casual red sweater? Why not. What ever she wore, she exuded a sense of glamour. In between shots, it was quickly apparent Hurley had a wicked sense of humour. Which is why I’m looking forward to watching her new television series, The Royals.  –Derick Chetty, Fashion Director