Betty White Joins Ranks of Instagram’s Oldest Users

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You might hashtag it #InstaBetty: on Thursday, Hollywood legend Betty White joined the hugely popular photo-sharing social media site Instagram, posting a picture with her Hot In Cleveland co-stars following the show’s finale. By default, White may have also become the site’s oldest user.

Given that White, at 93, is literally older than sliced bread, you’d assume she’d take the title of world’s oldest Instagramer without competition. After all, recent research showed that “over 90% of the 150 million people on Instagram are under the age of 35.” Ironically, that’s in part due to the influx of older users on Facebook, which drove Millennials to younger-trending social media sites like Instagram. Still, while nonagenarians are rare on the site, we found a few other Instagrannies and Instagramps who are ready to give White a run for her selfie.

Mimi Penguine

Age: 92 or 93, according to her grandson.

Instagram profile description: “I like the sea, painting, cooking, gardening, my family and taking photos! Born in Antwerp. Now I live in Tel Aviv and I love it.”

First post: January 20, 2014

What does she post?: As the only person we believe could give Betty White a run for her title of Oldest Instagram User, Mimi seems to get out and about in her home city of Tel Aviv. From photos of skylines at sunrise to the marketplace to pics of her grandchildren, Mimi’s amassed 358 followers as of this writing. There are lots of fruit and veggie photos as well as birds and some architecture and street art. She also frequently interacts with people who comment on her photos. Definitely worth a follow!

Rex Redstone

Age: Somewhere between 87-88

Instagram profile description: None

First post: September 25, 2013

What does he post?: Redstone, who dubbed himself the “Instagram-pa,” fills his short but charming feed with vintage shots of himself as a young man, his parents, or even a picture of the piano tuning shop in his hometown of Peterborough, England, where he had his first job in 1942. Through his photos we meet his family and learn about his childhood and past accomplishments, such as the time he “played guitar on [BBC radio] for the 500th Anniversary of the Borough of Stamford’s Charter” in 1961. My favourite is the shot above of Redstone reading the newspaper from 30 years ago.

Baddie Winkle

Age: 86

Instagram profile description: “BADDIE stealing your man since 1928 [email protected]

First post: April 10, 2014

What does she post?: A better question might be what doesn’t she post? It all started with a simple shot of Baddie in a tie-dye shirt flashing a peace symbol with her fingers and, from there, we got shots of Winkle dressed as a rocker, in her bathing suit tanning poolside and even one in the forest where all she’s wearing are some well-placed leaves. Zoomer fashion director Derick Chetty profiled Winkle on this site earlier this year and noted that her increasing Instagram fame – she’s closing in on a million followers – has resulted in her becoming, “the star of DimePiece’s latest ad campaign. Did we mention that DimePiece, based in LA, is a fashion forward street wear label, that counts Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and Katy Perry as fans? That’s right, the clothing is not exactly pastel twin-sets.” Yes, Baddie is one Instagramer who totally lives up to her name.

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