Celebrity Dads and Their Heartthrob Sons

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They were the the heartthrobs of yesteryear. They lit up the silver screen with their chiseled physiques, dazzling smiles and they oozed charm and sex appeal.

A generation of women would flock to their movies and sigh in the dark for two hours, looking up adoringly at the silver screen at these dashing heroes. But as time marched on, these matinee idols might now be sporting grey hair and looking a bit slack around the waistline. And you might console yourself that least you will always have those movies that captured them at their youthful best. But have you seen their offspring?

The sons of some of these leading men look like the 2.0 version. Not only following in dad’s actor footsteps, they are also lucky to have inherited some of his good genes. Here, we round up some of these celebrity dads and their sons. Sometimes, it truly is like father, like son.

Clint Eastwood, 85, and his son Scott Eastwood, 29, an actor and model.

James Caan, 75, and his son Scott Caan, 38, who stars in the television series, Hawaii Five-O.

Don Johnson, 65, and his son Jesse Johnson, 32, an actor and producer.

Pierce Brosnan, 62, and his son Sean Brosnan, 31, an actor.

Jeremy Irons, 66, and his son, Max Irons, 29, an actor.

Will Smith, 46, and his son Trey Smith, 21, a DJ.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, 67, and his son Patrick Schwarzenegger, 21, a model and actor.

Stellan Skarsgard, 64, and his son Alexander Skarsgard, 38, an actor on the HBO series, True Blood.