Sesame Street on HBO: Six Crossover Shows We Want To See

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Residents of Sesame Street woke up to some major news with the announcement that the next five seasons of the classic children’s show will debut on HBO – yes, the HBO – before running on their usual station, PBS, beginning this autumn.

Naturally, speculation was rampant about what this move to a more adult-oriented network might mean for Sesame Street. And, also naturally, our imaginations ran away with all of the possible crossover shows that could result from this deal. True Detective and Game of Thrones – with Muppets? In giddy anticipation, we offer a slideshow of our top six Sesame Street on HBO crossover shows.

True Blood Reboot, Season ONE (Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!)

This reboot of the True Blood series stars Count von Count in a new instalment of the popular vampire drama. Sure it’ll be a little less gritty than the original, and you can probably expect fewer nude scenes, but The Count’s commentary on the DVD boxed set will be worth it:

DIRECTOR: So, Count, tell us what you remember about filming this particular scene in the park.

COUNT: I see one, ONE vampire! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!

DIRECTOR: Yes, but what was your creative motivation when—

COUNT: I see two, TWO vampires! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!

DIRECTOR: Okay folks, we’ll try this again after lunch.

COUNT: I see three, THREE vampires! …

Game of Thrones – The Unexplored Kingdom of the Sesamelands

In this shameless crossover attempt, the upcoming season of Game of Thrones brings the discovery of an eighth kingdom – the Kingdom of The Sesamelands – which is revealed to be what actually exists beyond the wall. It’s ruled by a once gallant prince turned vicious overlord – King Elmo of Sesamelands – who makes King Joffrey look like a boy scout. And while Daenerys may be the “Mother of Dragons,” Elmo has his own hungry beast he’s prepared to unleash – the insatiable Cookie Monster.

House of Cans

In an attempt to corner the untapped market on political dramas for kids, this blatant rip-off of the Netflix series House of Cards sees Oscar the Grouch become disillusioned with the politics of Sesame Street, plotting with his closest allies, Bruno the Trash Man and Slimey the Worm, to bring down Big Bird and take control over the entire city block.

Sesame and the City

If Sex and the City worked for adults, why not take the same basic idea and gear it toward kids? That’s the sort of outside the box idea that’ll get a TV exec fired on the spot. But in this case, HBO is giving it the green light. Sesame and the City follows the lovable Zoe as she navigates the ups and downs of love, friendship and boys in the big … street.

Green is the New Orange is the New Black

This blatant copy of another Netflix series, Orange is the New Black, sends Kermit to an all-frog prison for his part in an illegal lily pad trafficking ring. There he meets, and must learn to live with, other notable frogs including his nephew Robin, Michigan J. Frog of Looney Tunes fame and, of course, Frogger from the video game Frogger. As expected, steamy shower scenes ensue.

True Detective

Bert and Ernie star in the next season of True Detective, which revolves around the discovery that the 1983 death of Mr. Hooper was actually a homicide. As the grisly truth unfolds, the detectives deal with the uncovering of secrets in their own lives. Famed Muppet detective Sherlock Hemlock makes a cameo and the big season end reveal is that, after all these years, Ernie’s been carrying on a torrid love affair with … Grover!

Ha! You thought it was going to be Bert!

Plot twist. So original. It’s HBO.