Celebrities Meet Their Younger Selves in Amazing Illustrated Series

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Robert De Niro by Fulvio Obregon

An artist has combined the young with the old in a collection of illustrations titled, “Yo & Mi Otro Yo.” or “Me & My Other Me.”

Colombian graphic artist Fulvio Obregon features famous people drawn next to their younger selves. Famous figures including Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney and Bill Gates are depicted  standing shoulder-to-shoulder with their younger selves.

Obregon also pokes a bit of fun at the celebrities, clothing them in graphic tees or tattoos that mock the things that made them famous.

According to website Bored Panda, he said that his inspiration for the project was an ad he saw showing a woman next to her younger self.

We’ve selected some of our favourite young/old pairs and featured them below:

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Steve Jobs by Fulvio Obregon
Bill Gates by Fulvio Obregon
Paul McCartney by Fulvio Obregon
Mick Jagger by Fulvio Obregon