You’re the One That I Want: Grease Live!

Not even the live tweeting, Go Pro cameras on actors uploading behind-the-scenes chaos and an embedded audience during Grease Live! airing on Fox tonight will be able to kill the nostalgic appeal of this remake of the best-selling movie musical of all time.

Live musical broadcasts, though newly in vogue  —  productions of Peter Pan, The Sound of Music and The Wiz all aired in prime time recently  — are a throwback in themselves. And set in the 50s and released in the 70s, this saccharine love story of Good Girl Sandy and Bad Boy Danny serves up two scoops of kitsch, camp and the good old days when Grease Lightning ate up the quarter mile and we were all born to hand jive.

While we watch and sing along, wearing our pink varsity or our black biker jackets we know that the shiny millennial cast will never singularly or collectively match the sheer charisma of John Travolta, Olivia Newton John, Jeff Conway and Stockard Channing who were subversively much older, and looked it, than any student of Rydell High could possibly have been. We hope Vannessa Hudgens, Julianne Hough and the rest of them break a leg and don’t screw up any of these epic moments:

1. When Rizzo gets a hickey from Kenickie.

2. When Frankie Avalon descends from on high in angels wings (trying topping that) to sing “Beauty School Drop Out” to Frenchie.

3. Summer Loving

4. “Tell Me About It, Stud!”

5. Who are we kidding, it was all epic. Lets hope these kids keep our chills multiplying and aren’t, as Rizzo would say, “too pure to be pink.”

You’re the One That I Want by zoomermedia