Is This A Photo Of Bill Murray Or Tom Hanks? The Internet Just Can’t Decide

This image is no longer available

Decide for yourself: Is this image of Forrest Gump or Ghostbuster Peter Venkman?

Web surfers recently stumbled across a more than three-year-old photo published in an open Facebook community called “Reasons My Son Is Crying”—and it immediately went viral.

The 2013 post from a woman known as “Laura R.” shows her crying toddler in the arms of a well-known celebrity—but it’s up for debate as to which one. She clearly says the man is Bill Murray in the caption, but Internet skeptics aren’t quite so confident, arguing that the image is actually of Tom Hanks.

In a hilarious twist, the BBC actually tracked down Hanks’ whereabouts at the time the image was taken and ultimately determined Hanks was “almost certainly in New York” at the time.

The BBC even released an article with their findings, stating the following: “We contacted Laura DiMichele-Ross—the woman whose wailing son is the true star of this photo—in the hope of clearing the whole thing up once and for all. ‘It’s definitely Bill,’ is her answer. The picture was taken by her husband, Adam, at the Alfred Dunhill Links golf competition at St. Andrews in October 2012.”

But, despite the BBC’s sleuthing, many are still adamant that it’s Tom Hanks.

So, what do you think—Gump or Ghostbuster? Tell us in the comment section below.